Bonus Episode: Your Horror Stories

Working in IT and cybersecurity for two decades you see a few things. Many successes but also many failures, conflicts, and dealing with decisions that make you shake your head. A few months ago I asked around the social networks for your cybersecurity horror stories. Like me, you also have seen the dark side of the business.

Whenever a breach happens the focus is on the technology failures, the vulnerability that was exploited or the patch that was missed. I look at breaches and imagine the people, process and procedures that failed to cause the breach to happen. The behind the scenes stories are the most interesting.

I thought it would be a good series of side episodes to collect behind the scenes horror stories from you, the listeners and put them into a show.

If the feedback is good and the stories keep coming in I’ll keep making them.

If you have a horror story you can send them to Please anonymize your stories, no names, no business names, etc… The stories are about the context not where it came from.

Here is the first Horror Story episode. You will find future ones on the Pateron site.

Be aware, be safe.

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