• Kubernetes Services Explained

    Kubernetes has emerged as a powerful tool to manage and scale cloud-native applications. Organizations need to deploy their software quickly, leveraging highly-scalable and always available capabilities to maintain zero downtime. […]

  • 6 tips for effective security job postings (and 6 missteps to avoid)

    MongoDB CISO Lena Smart wants to make a good impression on prospective employees. So she’s attentive to what goes into the ads she posts when seeking to hire. Source:

  • Practice Empathy To Reduce Insider Risk

    Fears of recession, tightening financial markets, and market downturns have led to layoffs in technology and cryptocurrency companies and have even impacted the cybersecurity space. Source:

  • Microsoft Dismisses False Reports About End of Patch Tuesday

    Microsoft has dismissed reports about June 14 being the last Patch Tuesday, as the upcoming rollout of the Windows Autopatch service seems to be causing some confusion. Source:

  • Leaked Audio From 80 Internal TikTok Meetings Shows That US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China

    For years, TikTok has responded to data privacy concerns by promising that information gathered about users in the United States is stored in the United States, rather than China, where […]

  • You Need an ‘If I Go Missing’ File

    Statista reports there were 521,705 missing persons cases files in 2021, the lowest number in the United States since 1990. It’s certainly uncommon for someone to go missing, but when it […]

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Pushes Senate For Privacy Legislation

    Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to the US Senate last week to call for stronger privacy legislation at the federal level. The letter, which was first obtained by […]

  • Linux Malware Deemed ‘Nearly Impossible’ to Detect

    Symbiote, discovered in November, parasitically infects running processes so it can steal credentials, gain rootlkit functionality and install a backdoor for remote access. Source:

  • Googler Suspended After Claiming AI Became Sentient

    A Google engineer has claimed the AI system he was working on has become sentient, adding greater urgency to efforts to design regulations and ethical codes for the burgeoning industry. […]

  • 6 top attributes employers want in new CISOs

    Looking for your next position as a CISO, preferably one with more pay, better benefits, and more on-the-job responsibilities/respect? Then you need to know what skills and qualities prospective employers […]

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