• How to Limit Spotify From Tracking You, Because It Knows Too Much

    Most Spotify users are likely aware the streaming service tracks their listening activity, search history, playlists, and the songs they like or skip—that’s all part of helping the algorithm figure […]

  • How to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 10

    Windows temp files, as the name implies, are temporary files created by certain programs when in use on your Windows 10 device. These files can quickly add up and consume […]

  • Firefox 91 Brings New Privacy, Security Improvements

    Mozilla on Tuesday released Firefox 91, a version of the web browser that brings enhanced cookie clearing, HTTPS by default in private browsing mode, and patches for several high-severity vulnerabilities. […]

  • 1M Stolen Bank Credit/Debit Card Data Available For Free in Underground Markets

    Recently, the threat intelligence team Group-IB along with the attribution system has discovered a post that is quite unusual, as it has been found in numerous carding panels in the […]

  • Users Can Be Just As Dangerous As Hackers

    Among the problems stemming from our systemic failure with cybersecurity, which ranges from decades-old software-development practices to Chinese and Russian cyber-attacks, one problem gets far less attention than it should—the […]

  • Open-source components in commercial software likely have vulnerabilities: Report

    Many commercial software and web applications used by organizations have critical vulnerabilities in their open-source components, a new vendor survey warns. Source:

  • Source:

  • 7 Best Soft Skills That Make a Great Software Developer

    There are hard skills that you need for software development, but do you know the soft skills you need? This article gives 7 that you need! Whether you’re an experienced […]

  • Top 4 Reasons for Digital Transformation Failure

    Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword; businesses have realized that it is imperative for success. Here are four reasons that this process might fail. Source:

  • New Normal Demands New Security Leadership Structure

    At the inaugural Omdia Analyst Summit, experts discuss where the past year has created gaps in traditional security strategy and how organizations can fill them. Source:

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