Ending The Newsletter

After a summer of doing a monthly newsletters I have decided to abondon this aspect of Security In Five. The reasons vary but the priamry driver is a reflection on my own use of newsletters and email. Which is I don’t.

We have too many emails and I don’t see widespread consumption of emails like we used to. Information is created, consumed and cultivated online through every kinds of delivery methods with email being used but not embraced. My own newsleter statistics show that as well.

The other element is the content to put into the newsletter. The cybersecurity field moves so fast news gets old quickly, articles that are topical are not referenceable and unique viewpoints once a month isn’t valuable to anyone. The Security In Five podcast has daily shows, I flip stories into the Security In Five Flipboard magazine, I post articles to the Reddit Channel and write blog posts on securityinfive.com. Adding a newsletter just didn’t fit as another outlet for content compared to the others.

That is why this will the September newsletter via email will be the last one. I will put my focus on my other delivery points and commit to expand more custom posts on the Securityinfive.com blog, post relevant news to the Reddit channel.

Be aware, be safe.

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