How To Avoid The Common Scams While Social Distancing


Social distancing has increased the people working at home. This not only increases the number of targets for scammers it also removes people farther away from support teams that could have blocked or validated these scams ahead of time.

That means each individual needs to be more diligent and aware and act through logical thinking rather than high tense emotions. That’s very difficult to do especially in the current societal climate.

That being said I created a short video that should be viewed by everyone. One of the best defenses against fraudulent scams is to have an understanding of how the real world works. Many of these scams have some story that twists the truth and to the uneducated, it seems plausible. That’s the hope of the scammers, find the naive to trick them into paying them money.

This should be shared with everyone you know. Thousands of people fall for these scams every day and unfortunately, the scammers are getting rich from it.

Be awarem be safe.

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