Magazine Recommendation – 2600 Hacker Quarterly

Reading is vital in the cybersecurity profession. Every single day you should be reading. Whether it’s the news, the latest books, whitepapers, and other periodicals the more you read the better understanding you build with the world around us.

One of my favorite periodicals is the 2600 Hacker Quarterly. This isn’t a ‘How-To’ for hackers nor is anything in here illicit but it’s written through the lens of a hacker. Articles on protecting yourself, stories from hackers on projects they have done and tips on how to do hacking yourself. Each issue is jammed pack with material. I am not kidding. The font they use is really small, the ads are minimal and they cram as much as they can into each issue. This is something you can’t read or flip through in one sitting, there’s that much to get through.

I find it necessary to learn about the security craft from all sides. I feel if you don’t know how the hacking world thinks and operates, how can you possibly think you can protect yourself from it?

The only place I know to get a paper copy is my local computer parts store, you can’t find it on your regular magazine rack. However, they now have a digital subscription, which is great… and far cheaper than the paper copy. Although I still prefer the paper copy.

You can get the Kindle edition for $0.99/mo. If you don’t have a Kindle, that doesn’t matter, use the Kindle app. I don’t yet still get Kindle and other store’s books I just use the apps to read them.

Be aware, be safe.

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