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Security In Five had the honor to have Tanya Janca as the very first guest for an interview for the show in episode 575. I met Tanya recently over Twitter and after a few back and forth communications I thought her background and focus in cybersecurity would be perfect to share. Over the year I have been slowly working on expanding Security In Five to broaden the messaging, awareness and information. Through that process I have found that hearing stories, different points of view and getting perspectives from different career backgrounds provides better insight to cybersecurity as a career. It’s not as black and white or 1’s and 0’s when it comes to working in this industry. The work really comes down to what you want to do, where your skills take out and most importantly where your passion and drive pull you.

Tanya has a diverse background in development and moved into application security.  She currently travels the world speaking at conferences and started a security group for women called Women of Security (WoSEC).

Here’s her official bio –

Tanya Janca, also known as SheHacksPurple, is a senior cloud advocate for Microsoft, specializing in application and cloud security; evangelizing software security and advocating for developers and operations folks alike through public speaking, her open source project OWASP DevSlop, and various forms of teaching via workshops, blogs, public speaking and community events. As an ethical hacker, OWASP Project Leader, Women of Security (WoSEC) co-founder and chapter leader, software developer and professional computer geek of 20+ years, she is a person who is truly fascinated by the ‘science’ of computer science.

In the interview we discuss her career, what she’s been up to, some interesting offerings she has around her presentations and we discuss Women of Security. She ends the interview with some of the best advice you can hear for all up and coming cybersecurity professionals as well as veterans.

How to reach out and connect with Tanya –

If you are interested in the Woman of Security group you can find them on LinkedIn here – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8772991/. This is a women only group and you have to request to join.

I would like to again thank Tanya for taking to time to talk about her career.

Be Aware, Be safe.

If you would like to be on the Security In Five podcast for a similar interview reach out to securityinfive@binaryblogger.com. Send you social network information, LinkedIn profile (or similar) and a short bio on your background and what you would like to talk about. One caveat, no peddling of products or services, this will not be a sales pitch, we’ll talk about you.

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