Podcast Two Year Anniversary – The Top 10 Episodes

Two years ago on June 9th, 2017 I released the first episode of Security In Five. Here we are two years later, 500+ episodes recorded and no signs of slowing down. The podcast’s longevity and the energy to keep up the dail episode schedule is all because of the listeners and feedback I have received. That makes it worth it.

Security In Five is meant for everyone, not just security professionals, because everyone has some role of security in their lives. These vary from your corporate office policies and procedures but also in your own home as internet connected devices are growing by the day. Your security and keeping your data as private as we can and in your control is vital in the years to come, especially for our children. That has been the mission of Security In Five, to create security focused content but delivered in a way that’s meaningful to as many people as I can.

Episode 511 to be released Monday June 10th, 2019 I dedicate the show to talking about the journey, thanking all of you and talking about how I get started with the podcast. Teaser – It’s not rocket science to begin.

After I recorded that epsiode I thought it would be fun to go through my statistics and create a Top 10 Most Popular Episode list over the last two years. In addition, I will make this a monthly post of the most popular list of the prior month’s episodes as well as include them in the monthly newsletter.

The Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Thus Far (in order from least to most).

    • #10 Episode 428 – Do Not Participate In DNA Testing To See Your Heritage, How To Delete Your Data
    • #9 Episode 470 – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Shields Up
    • #8 Episode 321 – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Sonarqube
    • #7 Episode 462 – Part 1 – Differences Between Vulnerability, Penetration and Attack Testing
    • #6 Episode 405 – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Security Tips For Students Back To Class
    • #5 Episode 317 – Skills Security Professionals Should Cultivate
    • #4 Episode 410 – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Graylog, Open Source SIEM
    • #3 Episode 337 – Facebook Uses Your Phone Number You Use For 2FA For Ads
    • #2 Episode 465 – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Commando VM
    • The Most Popular Epsode Over The Last Two Years Is – Episode 449 – Citrix Hack Was Done Through Password Spraying, What Is That

Thanks for the support over the last two years and here’s to many years more to come!

Be aware, be safe.

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