Security In Five First 100 Episodes – Top 10 Most Popular So Far

100 episodes of the Security In Five podcast. I still can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday I kicked it off and now I have 100 individual episodes under my belt. When I began this journey I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough topics to go over in a 5 minute, daily format. I was wrong. I have more topics backed up to keep my busy to episode 200 and beyond. The whole point of the podcast is to expand awareness to the less-than-savvy people in security but also provide value to security professionals. In this business you can never have too much information.

In celebration of my first 100 episodes this blog post will highlight my Top 10 most popular episodes so far. This list is based on the download/play stats from my podcast hosting site LibSyn. They will be in order from 10 to 1 with 1 being the most popular.

Here we go –

  • 10 – Learning From Equifax – What You Should Do To Protect Yourself
  • 9 – Learning From Equifax – Application Security
  • 8 – Why The Equifax Breach Is So Dangerous For Everyone
  • 7 – Learning From Equifax – Watch Out For Future Scams
  • 6 – Why You Shouldn’t Accept Every LinkedIn Connection Request
  • 5 – Learning From Equifax – We Need To Think About The Data
  • 4 – Learning From Equifax – Vulnerability Management
  • 3 – Another Benefit Of A Personal VPN, Keeping Internet Use Fair
  • 2 – Check Your Wi-Fi Regularly
  • 1 – The Introduction Episode

There you go, the 10 most popular episodes so far.

Thank you for the feedback, thank you for listening and thank you for tomorrow.

Be aware, be safe.

End of line.

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