Security In Five Podcast, Two Months In

Just do it. A popular phrase from Nike that is 100% true. Just do it. For a while I tossed the idea around on what more I could do to contribute back into the industry I work so hard in. This blog was a side hobby, a release of thoughts and ideas, but I never formed it into a brand that I wanted to. Mostly because as I saw others do the same they always gravitated to something less than what it started out as. Also writing a blog consistently is lots of work, especially if you want to get multiple posts out a week. Writing is a craft, it takes time and in my life both professional and personal, time is valuable.

That’s when I tossed the idea around for a podcast. The hardest part of starting one was figuring out what it was going to be. I wanted it and needed it to be unique, fresh, interesting and in a format that people would actually want to listen to. The best answer to those questions was to look at myself and see what do I consume.

I would love to have the uninterrupted time to consume an hour long podcast. But I don’t. I could easily talk about security for hours on end but that doesn’t mean I would get a large, repeating audience. It had to be small, to the point and tailored to people like me. That’s when I came up with Security In Five. It used to be Ten but I was convinced to trim it to five.

Security in five minutes, one topic, to the point and easy to listen to. Five minutes leaves little room for banter, side talk, editorial spins and anyone can find five minutes to listen. Security In Five was born, I just did it.

Now I am two months into it, about to hit my 50th episode, and I am loving it. I have a production formula down. I have new episodes released every workday and it’s available everywhere I could post it. This blog, iTunes, YouTube, LibSyn and soon to be in TuneIn Radio and others.

The podcast has taken away from the blog but that just poses a new creative challenge on what this blog will become. I can’t talk about everything but then again I cannot write about everything either. When I do write those posts will be more in depth, deeper than I can get into in five minutes.

Here are the places you can find the podcast. I also post an update on my LinkedIn profile with each episode.
Website –
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