Security In Five Podcast Weekly Review 8/25/17

Another week has passed which means five more episodes of Security In Five. When I first started this podcast and committed to doing daily episodes I thought I would be struggling to find fresh content. I discovered the opposite. In the world of security there is so much to know, learn and communicate I can’t keep up. I keep an Airtable¬†database of running topics I want to make into an episode. Currently I have about 30 topics in backlog.

Each episode I could fill an hour with content, stories, opinions, tips but that doesn’t make it easy to listen to. I decided to make each episode about five minutes, that way it’s easy for anyone to listen to. I cover a wide range of topics because everyone has different interests, concerns and challenges. If you find the one episode that triggers curiosity or gives you an ‘AH-HA!’ moment then it’s worth it. It is easier to find those when you have more choice in a pool of variety in my opinion. I am not an expert in everything I talk about, but I have come across everything I talk about in some manner throughout my career in a practical and realistic setting.


Recap of the episodes from the week ending 8/25/17 –

Because I need to stay on top of the production of the podcast, I plan ahead.

Here are next week’s episode topics –

Episode 56
Security Tips You Can Learn From The Celebrity Nude Leaks
Aug 28, 2017
Episode 57
CIS 11 Network Device Configurations
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 58
Include Security In Your Business Strategic Planning
Aug 30, 2017
Episode 59
CIS 12 Boundary Defense
Aug 31, 2017
Episode 60
Security & Privacy, With A Creepy Story
Sept 1, 2017

Be aware, be safe, thank you for listening. Comments are more than welcome and encouraged to continue the security discussion going.

End of line.

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