Security In Five Podcast Weekly Roundup – 1/5/18

A new year is upon us and it’s time for the first weekly round-up. A short week of four episodes but getting right back into business. I started off the year with an episode with tips on making your video game systems and services more secure. Short story, enable multi-factor. I also put together a detailed step by step blog post to make it a little easier to set those up. I covered the three main consoles – Switch, Xbox and PS4.

Already in 2018 we have a major, if not the number one, security vulnerability every announced. This impacts basically every single computer and mobile device made in the last ten years. Dubbed Meltdown and Spectre these vulnerabilities go after the Intel, AMD and ARM processors at the hardware level. I will have podcast episodes next week and on about this but this one is bad, bad, bad. There are patches coming out for it but the top experts are leaning toward recommending to throw away any impacted devices. It’s a big deal.

That’s what I love and hate about the security space. There are very few slow days where some new threat isn’t popping up on the radar. I hope you can see that it’s an ongoing challenge, constant moving target and why so many stumble and trip and allow breaches to happen.


Here are the episodes from the week ending 1/5/18 –

Here are the episodes for next week –

Episode 147
Why You Should Never Save Passwords In Your Browser, Any Browser
Jan. 8, 2018
Episode 148
Are You The Reason Your Identity Was Stolen? Don’t Make The Mistakes.
Jan. 9, 2018
Episode 149
Top 10 Security Tips For Your Network – 10 – Don’t Forget About Mobile And BYOD
Jan. 10, 2018
Episode 150
A Serious Processor Flaw Puts Nearly All Computers At Risk, Patch Now
Jan. 11, 2018
Episode 151
Tools, Tips and Tricks – FCC Cyberplanner Website
Jan. 12, 2018

Be aware, be safe.

End of line.

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