Security In Five Podcast Weekly Roundup – 10/20/17

It’s time for the weekly roundup of the Security In Five podcast. I can’t believe that I am approaching 100 episodes. It’s seems like yesterday I started this project and on October 30th I will release episode 100. It goes to show you that there is more than enough topics to talk about and share in information security. It never ends, which is good for me. It’s also the grand challenge, keeping everyone else aware of the security world around us to keep things protected and safe.

This week I started two new mini series. The first is focusing on the OWASP Top 10. I am going to do an episode for each item in the top 10 and this week I kick off with number 1. I also started an episode series called TTT (Tips, Tricks and Tools) which I will do every Friday. In the TTT episode I will share a Tip, Trick or Tool I use in my own security practices. I have many tools that most have never heard but could benefit from.

For my 100th episode I am going to come up with something more fun and light hearted.


Here is this week’s Security In Five round up for week ending 10/20/17 –

 Here’s a preview of next week’s episodes –

Episode 95
Release The KRACKen! All Your WiFi Devices Have Been Hacked, Not Joking
Oct. 23, 2017
Episode 96
OWASP A2 – Broken Authentication and Session Management
Oct. 24, 2017
Episode 97
You Have No Expectation To Digital Privacy On Corporate Systems
Oct. 25, 2017
Episode 98
Create A Culture Of Security To Succeed
Oct. 26, 2017
Episode 99
Tips, Tricks and Tools – SpyBot Search & Destroy
Oct. 27, 2017

Be aware, be safe.

End of line.

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