Security In Five Podcast Weekly Roundup – 9/8/17

In the security world things change everyday and new threats and challenges present themselves. This week ended with an announcement of one of the largest and very damaging breaches to date. The credit reporting agency, Equifax, was hit by hackers through a vulnerable website and accessed 143 million records. This one is bad. Even though the credit report information apparently was not accessed, 143 million records that contained credit cards, SSNs, names, dates, etc… were.

Equifax created a website, which in itself has some curious security decisions (WordPress for one), for people to get information and check if their info was part of the breach.
I would recommend everyone to go access it and check if you are part of this breach –

Unfortunately we are at the mercy of data holders to have your security in their interests. Some do, some don’t, some take the easy route. Regardless, mistakes happen and we as individuals suffer from it. The company will suffer too but fines and a few people getting fired doesn’t match up to the 143 million people who are now at a greater risk of long term damage. Especially if they ignore this and don’t take precautions.

Here are the Security In Five episodes from this week. it was a short week, no episode on Labor Day.

Here are next week’s episodes –

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Be aware, be safe.

End of line.

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