Security In Five Weekly Round Up – 12/29/17

This is the last weekly round up of 2017! What a year all around. From local news, politics, breaches and more. Throughout all the chaotic information flowing through the emotional filters of people keeping everything secure the best we can is a tough task. That’s why I decided to do this podcast, to bring context to the chaos. Simplify things down and make people realize that through all the complexity there are simple solutions that can make widespread impacts.

You don’t agree with me? Look at the breaches of 2017. How many where the “Hollywood Hackers” sitting down, cracking through your encrypted firewalls, penetrating server after server, seeing everything thing about you, more than your own administrators? Zero. None.

What were the breaches about? Giving full administrator accounts to anyone that asks, poor password enforcement, no multi-factor authentication to reduce account value, poor security operations that left a zero-day vulnerability un-patched… tricking an IT resource to click on a link and download a malicious package. Stupid reasons. Small, tiny flaws in the armor that allowed a poison dart through to a single point on the skin that brought you down.

Hackers are businesses now, they are efficiently lazy. Why would they spend thousands of hours trying to crack the uncrackable when they can go after the dummy noob in IT to give up the keys they need?

That’s the battle now, security awareness to everyone. The technology protections are very, very good now out of the box. The people on the other hand…

Here are the episodes for the week ending 12/29/17 –

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Be aware, be safe.

End of line.

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