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My podcast Security In Five is approaching 430 episodes and almost 3 years in production. In 2019 I wanted to focus on getting serious about it and expanding its presence, especially in the social aspects of it. You can listen to me talk about security topics but this is an industry where communication and collaboration are critical for success. No one person can do it all and the conversations must be transparent.

The more episodes I and deeper research I do I am solidifying my anti-Facebook stance. Without going on a tirade on their privacy practices I have decided to dump my Facebook direction for the podcast and this blog. I will focus on this blog site, the podcast and my new Security In Five channel on Reddit. The Reddit channel is where I can engage in a more open, transparent and community-driven discussion. One on one conversations are still necessary and you can always request to DM on Twitter or through email But the Facebook interactions will cease for the betterment of everyone. I will keep the page alive with one final post directing folks to the Reddit Channel but I’ll abandon it from any new content and interaction standpoint.

There are a few reasons for this shift. The big one is Facebook’s stance on privacy and their practices around the collection of every bit of data they can get their grubby hands on. Second is the traffic and interaction just isn’t there to keep it going. My interaction on Reddit has been far more engaging than anything else so it just made sense.

Starting this week you can start to see that channel be updated with the latest episodes and I will be posting all the worthy security news I come across.

Head on over, check it out and let’s converse.

Be aware, be safe.

End of line.


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