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A cybersecurity profession requires you to read, a lot. Most of your day is reading something or another. Whether it’s manual pages, white papers, news stories, blog posts, forum replies you cannot survive if you don’t read. The challenging part is finding good sources of material that is both full of variety but also accurate.

The Security In Five podcast is 2 1/2 years old and closing in on 600 episodes. I can’t produce that many with my sole knowledge from day one, I spend time every single day building on that knowledge and seeing what the industry and world are up to. I have hundreds of RSS feeds, many stories are redundant across feeds, but my range of security topics is vast. Although I produce 5 shows a week I read ten times that amount that I don’t do a show on. Continuing with my mission of a transparent industry I have built another mechanism to help share knowledge and provide new insights to those that seek it out.

I primarily use Inoreader for my mass RSS collection, but I also use Flipboard as my ‘morning newspaper’. The UI style is great to read as I have my morning coffee, sitting on the porch or in an area that I can casually read. You can add your own RSS feeds in it or search through their app for topics and subject areas. It’s a good RSS reader but not quite efficient for scanning through hundreds of headlines like I do with Inoreader.

In Flipboard you can tag, share or save articles. One aspect of saving it is putting into your own custom Flipboard magazine that others can subscribe to and add into their Flipboard collection. I have done just that.

The Security In Five Magazine is out there for all of you to follow. I also added it on the menu on the left that you can access it anytime.

This magzine is added to almost daily. My goal is to add stories that are security related only but ones that I fine very interesting but just didn’t fit or beat out another topic for the podcast. This should help you see what I read on a daily basis and hopefully help you further expand your knowledge and awareness of everything that is out there.

I hope you find it useful.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Be aware, be safe.

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