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Security In Five started as a hobby and has bloomed into a brand. I have commented that I was going to take the podcast to the next level and I am beginning to do that. The first big step in the process is to break it away from my original persona and blog, Binary Blogger.

I have had in various forms for over 10 years. Originally it was a Blogger blog called TechiePro but adopted Binary Blogger as the idea and held on to it since.

When Security In Five began I coupled it with Binary Blogger but over two years I have relized that I needed to break them apart. Security In Five is cybersecurity and IT centric only. I still wanted to write about other things, how-to household fiz its, reviews of products and movies, etc… One of my most popular and the post I get the most email about is one I wrote about how to fix a Tivo DVR box. Although that article is great to write about it doesn’t belong on a security podcast page.

A few months ago I found that was open and I bought the domain, only redirecting it to until I figured out hosting issues. After some research I found a new hosting site with better features, more storage, great improvement on performance load times and allows me to have unlimited blogs on my account. Once I got comfortable with the move I signed up with the new hosting site, SiteGround, and said goodbye to BlueHost.

I will be writing a full post on how the migration went next week.

Now I can focus on Security In Five as only security and IT and move to write about everything else and be the ‘person’ behind the show without mixing the two.

The new site and theme isn’t perfect yet, but the migration of posts out of the databases and into the fresh Security In Five site allowed me not to lose all 500 podcast episodes in blog post form. That was going to be a big pain if that didnt work, but last night I worked it out, a few XML edits, many import tests and got them all in.

I will have a podcast episode soon to talk about the moves and expansion and hopefully this will make the podcast and all content be more fluid and seamless.

Be aware, be safe.


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