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  • Great Feedback From A-Jay Orr, Thanks!

    A-Jay Orr author of The Art Of War In Business Technology and CEO of SimplePLan IT left some very nice feedback about the podcast. It was great to meet and […]

  • Why cybersecurity pros need to learn how to code

    There is an age-old debate in security: Should cybersecurity professionals know how to code? Should they invest the time and effort to learn? The answer from cybersecurity professionals has usually […]

  • Dark Web Price Index 2021

    You wouldn’t know it by watching the news, with everything that’s been happening surrounding the pandemic and global politics, but up until this point, 2020 has been one of the […]

  • Interview With the CEOs Of Vivaldi And Startpage.com

    Episode 749 of the Security In Five podcast I was joined by the CEO, co-founder of Vivaldi Jón S. von Tetzchner and the CEO, co-founder of StartPage.com Robert Beens. They […]

  • Bonus Episode: Your Horror Stories

    Working in IT and cybersecurity for two decades you see a few things. Many successes but also many failures, conflicts, and dealing with decisions that make you shake your head. […]

  • How I Automate Security In Five

    Security In Five is a brand I started in 2017 that has this blog, the podcast with almost 700 episodes produced, a Twitter account and social network presence around the […]

  • Podcast Interview Bio For SheHacksPurple – Tanya Janca

    Security In Five had the honor to have Tanya Janca as the very first guest for an interview for the show in episode 575. I met Tanya recently over Twitter […]

  • The Podcast Made The Nomination List For A People’s Choice Award

    This summer I asked the listeners to support the show and submit a nomination for the People’s Choice Awards 2019 from podcastawards.com. Today I received an email that the show […]

  • How Do You Listen To The Podcast?

    The Security In Five podcast is on all the major podcast services I could find. I wanted to make sure the show was easily accessible. However, my stat tracker give […]

  • Top 5 Podcast Episodes Of July 2019

    Security In Five releases new podcast episodes every weekday. Over the course of a regular month that equates to approximately 20 episodes depeonding on the month.  Although I want every […]

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