The Mystery Of The Hidden Figure

I have a mystery I need the Internet’s help to solve. This story begins this past weekend, June 25th, 2022 in my backyard. I was cleaning up the yard, weeding, fixing things, filling the bird feeders, enjoying the few free weekend morning’s I have. Nothing too special.

In my rock garden I had a statue of a Labrador sitting next to a flowering crab apple tree in honor of my late Black Lab Sadie. I have had that statue in that spot for about 7 years, I placed it there right after she died.

Now, this small statue has sat there through Minnesota summers and hard Minnesota winters being buried in snow. Over time it has become weathered, the tail broke off a few years ago and this year I noticed the nose cracked off. Time to get a new one.

Here’s where things get weird.

I put the figure on the picnic table, ready to throw it away. However, I looked inside the nose into the hollow body and I saw something odd. It almost looked like feet from toy, maybe the kids stuffed a little figure down there. I took my shovel and broke away the rest of the face and head and inside was something completely unexpected.

In the neck was a little figure. I pulled it out and was surprised to what this was. It wasn’t plastic, nor was it a toy. This had been inside this lawn ornament the whole time. It was filthy. I took it inside and washed it off. Found an unused toothbrush and slowly cleared away all the stains and grime that was on it. Once I did that the figure’s shape started to be revealed and just made it weirder.

Here it is –

It’s heavy but it’s not made from stone. The face is really smooth and there are no seams to it’s not a mold, I don’t think. On the research I did I almost was to say it’s made from bone, I don’t think it’s ivory, but it could be ceramic but I am not so sure.

What is it? What does it represent? Why was is inside a dog lawn ornament I got a Home Depot, Menards or some other mainstream retailer (I don’t remember which)?

Internet, go at it, help me solve this bizarre mystery?

Be Aware, Be Safe.

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