Trick or Treat Safety Tips For Your Kids

Halloween is around the corner. Although your neighborhood may be safe it’s important to refresh some tips for your kids while they are out trick or treating. These tips should be explained to your kids before and be given reasons why these are important to be aware of.

Remember, the more aware you are the more secure you can be… and your kids.

  • Do not allow your kids to trick or treat alone. Strength in numbers. Stick in pairs as they go to houses, regroup at set locations on a street and know where your adult is if one went along.
  • Make sure the kids have reflective pieces of clothing or have a glow stick or other glowing accessories. Tie a glow stick to their bucket or have them wear the glow bracelets. Excitement has them darting across streets, in the dark, and being visible is important.
  • Caution your kids to run away from anyone trying to lure them with special treats, full-size candy bars or any other enticing items to get them into a car or even entering a house past the front door out of sight.
  • Tell your kids to scream, kick and make a scene if anyone tries to grab them or force them into a car or house. The fact it’s Halloween and screaming is not uncommon. Instead have them scream ‘Fire’, ‘Stranger’, ‘Abduction’ or other words that stand out and cause people to pay attention.
  • After they get home parents should inspect all treats. Anything that has been prepared and in twist-tie baggies, loose fruit or anything the appears to be tampered with or opened should be tossed. It might be a good gesture for someone to make custom treats, you can’t be sure.
  • Lastly, if they are unsure about a house, skip it.

Halloween is the annual event that can be used to bring your neighbors together, have fun with the young kids and enjoy a night of being a community. Unfortunately, there are those that have other motivations to cause issues and your kids need to be aware of those potential situations they may come across. Especially on a night where they are more alone, in the dark, interacting with many types of people.

It never hurts to reiterate reminders of safety.

Be aware, be safe.


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