Wizer Training Partnership Announcement

I am excited to announce a fantastic partnership between the Security In Five podcast and the security awareness company Wizer Training. Wizer provides security awareness training 100% FREE, Forever. No catch, no gimmick, just security awareness content. Wizer and I began working together earlier this year as our approach to security awareness is similar, short and to the point content.

Wizer’s videos are all about 1 minute long. Easy to consume, easy to remember, and the concept called microlearning has been proven to be effective and a better fit to the changing workforce. The Security In Five podcast was created with the same concept in mind, short episodes, remove the fluff and stick to the point. So when Wizer and I crossed paths it made sense to work together and now we have a partnership.

The content on Wizer is free, 100% now and forever. People and employees are first and most effective line of defense in preventing the most common attacks to an organization. The best way to strengthen that defense is through security education and awareness. Wizer’s solution is short and to the point, engaging, measurable, delivered in a mobile friendly manner so the content can be consumed anywhere and it’s free. Security awareness is a necessity in all businesses big or small and cannot be cost prohibitive. Not doing security awareness training because your budget doesn’t allow for it puts you and your business at risk. That’s why Wizer will offer security awareness content for free, now and forever.

You can sign-up and start consuming free security awareness content right now through my partner page here: https://wizer-training.com/partner/securityinfive.

The topics that are available cover Public WiFi Safety, USB Safety, Social Media Safety, Mobile Security, Password Safety, Phishing, Insider Threats and Child Online Safety. New content is added regularly and Security In Five will be creating new content soon for the Wizer platform.

The podcast will remain intact, there are no plans to change that. Wizer will be where my new video content will be avaialble, for free along with all the rest.

Sign-up form: https://wizer-training.com/partner/securityinfive.

Be aware, be safe.

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